background-image: linear-gradient

Linear gradients are very useful. You can use it for your main background or just a section. You can even use its transparency to hover images and much more.


You must have heard a lot about food preservatives and additives especially when you are trying to lose weight and you are usually advised to eat clean and avoid processed food in order to shed a few pounds. To increase shelf life of stored, canned and frozen food, preservatives are commonly used. The idea behind using preservatives is to conserve…


Preserving Body Image - Body image is defined as the way you see yourself when you stand in front of a mirror or you picture yourself in your own mind. It includes many aspects of your physical appearances, including your weight, height and body shape. It actually determines how you feel within your body rather than what you feel about…


You won’t feel good when you will find yourself on an operation theatre table and have to go under the knife to get excess fats removed through Abdominoplasty or "tummy tuck”. We have seen people taking weight loss supplements to lose weight that end up weakening bones.