You must have heard a lot about food preservatives and additives especially when you are trying to lose weight and you are usually advised to eat clean and avoid processed food in order to shed a few pounds. To increase shelf life of stored, canned and frozen food, preservatives are commonly used. The idea behind using preservatives is to conserve natural quality of food and to avoid rotting or damage. While it is used to prolong food’s life, intake of these preservatives can have devastating impacts on your health in longer run. While it varies with age and the health status of an individual, avoiding or cutting short on food with preservatives can improve personal wellbeing and can reduce toxin level in your body. Following are few potential impacts of food preservatives that can seriously damage your body:


Breathing diseases

One of the most common and damaging impact of food preservatives is that it increases potential damage to respiratory system causing breathing difficulties. Aspartame, benzoates and sulfites are present in food containing preservatives and can lead to condition where you experience shortness of breaths and chronic asthmatic problems.


Heart Damage

You know you live longer when your heart is healthy. Many studies have proved that preservatives directly affect heart tissues and it has been found that people who consume food with higher preservatives are prone to higher level of heart damage. Preservatives with sodium and nitrates can influence blood pressure and can cause heart stroke.


Stimulate cancer cells

One of the most debated and serious health effect that is caused by food preservatives is their capability to be altered into cancer cells after digestion. More precisely, nitrates and nitrites present in nitrosamine can produce cancer-stimulating agents after chemical reaction with gastric acids. These nitrates are consumed by people of all ages, as they are present in all types of snacks and preserved food like pepperonis, hams, and hotdogs. These nitrates can also trigger migraine and can cause leukemia in many individuals.


Headaches and allergies

 We all are habitual of consuming preserved and canned fruits that contain Sulfites and can cause severe allergies, body rashes, and reactions like vomits and nausea. According to FDA, more than one million people are allergic to sulfites and it can trigger anaphylactic shock, migraine and, asthmatic difficulties.


Weakening of bones

Almost every other person these days complain about weak bones irrespective of their age. Preservatives are enriched with phosphates that can successfully increase the shelf life and taste of preserved food but can severely weaken your bones causing soaring and weak joints.


Organs’ damage

Refined fructose is as harmful as alcohol and are present in preservatives and can damage organs like liver as they are directly stored without breaking down into simpler compounds. Similarly, phosphate additives present in canned and processed food enhance food’s taste but excessive amount can cause kidney disorder too.


Infertility issues:

Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMO) is found excessively in food preservatives and additives and leads to higher risk of infertility among men and women equally.

What you need to do is look again when buying canned and frozen food. Eat as much organic food as possible so you live longer and healthier!