Preserving Body Image

Body image is defined as the way you see yourself when you stand in front of a mirror or you picture yourself in your own mind. It includes many aspects of your physical appearances, including your weight, height and body shape. It actually determines how you feel within your body rather than what you feel about your body. Sometimes it is induced in a person when he keeps listening to caring advices, friendly taunts and even helpful advises. Preserving body image can increase level of satisfaction within you and can elevate your self-esteem and confidence.

Positive body image counts on multiple factors, like slimmer body, staying healthy, looking sexy and look amazing in whatever you wear. All these aspects sums up that you need to be satisfied within your body and for higher satisfaction you need healthy lifestyle. Here are few tips that can preserve your body image in a right way:


Get enough sleep

If you are sleep deprived, you have higher chances to suffer from hypertension and high blood pressure. It further leads to chronic diseases and can cause obesity because of diabetes and consequently weight gain. Getting enough sleep is as important as eating healthy. Having a good sleep of 6 to 8 hours can augment positivity and fights anxiety and depression.


Eat clean and healthy

Cutting on sugar, fizzy drinks and unhealthy fats can help you plan your diet. Eating organic food can further help you maintain positive body image. Cutting on processed foods will keep you healthy and away from many diseases. When you are eating healthy and clean, there is a less likelihood of developing depression and isolation and you feel more confident among people.


Exercise daily

Exercising daily can have a great positive impact on your body. According to a research exercise works on three aspects in order to improve body image of a person; it improves over all body fitness, increases awareness of planning and living a healthy life, and improves self-efficacy. Apart from shedding off weight, toning up body and overall appearance through exercise will keep you more satisfied within your skin.


Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water will keep you fresh and comfortable. 8-10 glasses of water in a day will help you improve you metabolism and you will look younger and fresh throughout the day.


Avoid smoking and alcohol

Give up bad habits like smoking and alcohol. It increases toxins in your body and you become more dissatisfied with your appearance.


Find your own attire and colors

Do not follow people. Try to find you own colors and attires that fit you the most. When you are comfortable in what you are you wearing, you will feel bright within yourself.


Avoid negative people and hangout with positive ones

In order to maintain a positive body image, you need to avoid negativity around yourself. Sometimes negative comments and sympathetic lines around can demotivate you leading to depression and lack of satisfaction. In order to preserve positive body image, stay in the company of positive people living healthier lifestyles. They will encourage you when you are trying to lose weight or trying to stick with a healthy lifestyle.