Losing weight the natural way

You won’t feel good when you will find yourself on an operation theatre table and have to go under the knife to get excess fats removed through Abdominoplasty or «tummy tuck”. We have seen people taking weight loss supplements to lose weight that end up weakening bones. All these methods are unnatural and can cause many healthy problems. If you feel you are putting on weight, the best you can do to lose weight is doing it the natural way. Here are few easy tricks that can help you lose weight naturally:

  1. Cinnamon tea and green tea with ginger:

    Balanced amount of blood sugar can reduce your urge to eat large meals and your body will consume fats instead of storing it. Higher level of sugar in your blood has an intense impact on your body weight. Cinnamon tea can improve your blood sugar level. Similarly, caffeine, catechins, and theanine in green tea can boost metabolic activities and ginger can improve your digestive system. 1 to 2 cups of tea with natural ingredients can help you in losing weight naturally.

  2. Chewing Gums to satisfy your brain

    When you crave for food, you need something to eat. Chewing a gum can trick your brain and you feel you have been eating something for a long time. It stimulates enzymes in your digestive process and can help in breaking down fats and complex compounds faster. Easy, right?

  3. Snack on Apples

    When you have an urge to snacks or middle meals, stick to apples. They have multiple benefits, that is, it has fiber to improve metabolism and digestion, help in regulating blood sugar, and most importantly, pectin in apples has control over cholesterol levels.

  4. Carry organic food with yourself

    When you are hungry, you choose eating junk food or fast food. There are many reasons and most common one is availability. Fast food or snacks are readily available for consumption and you go with the flow. Try carrying organic food in your purse or bag and eat them when you feel hungry between large meals.

  5. Consume grapefruits

    According to research carried out at Scripps Clinic in California, including grapefruit in your diet, specifically before every meal can help you in losing weight, even if you refuse to change anything else in your diet. The research revealed that grapefruit contains a compound that adjusts insulin level in your body and thus is effective in losing weight.

  6. Consume Almonds

    You must be wondering why as almonds are known to have a lot of fats. Answer is simple and clear; your body needs fats to lose fats. Almond contains good fats that can speedup metabolism and thus can help you lose weight faster. Consuming a snack of almonds (22 almonds approx) can help you shatter 18% of body fat in 6 months.

  7. Fill your water bottle with antioxidants

    Sitting long on workstations at office can increase bulging sac on your abdominal area. Drinking detox water (water, with lemon, mint, and grapefruit) can remove toxins from your body and improves level of healthy nutrients and vitamins. It keeps you hydrated and most importantly, it is a delicious treat to miss.