7 Benefits of Exercise to Improve Your Life Style and Health

Many people like to hit gym or opt for early morning walk in a park not only to reduce weight, but also to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Exercising daily can help you maintain your weight and also minimizes the risk of developing diseases in your body. It can further improve your behavior and mood, helping you become a happier person. Here are few more benefits of exercise to improve your lifestyle:

  1. Fights insomnia and sleep better

    Exercising daily and frequently can improve your sleeping habits by strengthening you circadian rhythms. Regular exercise can help fight insomnia and researches have proved that people who exercise regularly have lesser depression and healthier sleep habits.

  2. Exercise can improves your mood and temper

    When you are tired with your daily stressed routine or need an emotional boost, exercise can help you steam off your anxiety and depression. According to scientific researches on health benefits of exercising, a cardio session of 30 minutes or jogging in fresh air can produce chemical compounds that may leave you happy and relaxed. Even mild workout can leave you with pleasant mood and feelings.

  3. Help you to fight heart disease

    When you are challenged with high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, you are advised to exercise regularly. One of the most important benefits of exercise is that it increases high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and reduces level of triglycerides making your blood circulation better. This ensures that you are less targeted by cardiovascular ailments.

  4. Helps you overcome laziness

    When you are physically exhausted, the last thing you want to do is physical workout. However, according to the experts, this is actually what you should be doing. Low intensity exercises have its own benefits. Exercising for 20 minutes can lower down fatigue and increase your energy level.

  5. Improve your memory

    Do you really struggle with your memory every day and you usually forget your wallet or keys in your car or feel it’s difficult to recall names? According to medical studies, exercises like yoga, swimming, running and aerobics boost your memory to a good level. Moreover, it improves size of hippocampus, part of the brain that stores data and memories. It can also minimize dementia, especially in women.

As we grow older, our brain’s processing is slowed down. We remember less and become hazier. Neurons or brain cells degenerate causing Alzheimer but exercising between 25 years to 45 years can strengthen your cognitive conditions for longer run.